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Windows 7 SP1 Update Error 800B0100

Normally I’m a Linux guy and this is not a Windows blog. I figured I would share this fix since I found that most of the fixes out on the net were not helping.

When trying to update Windows to SP1 a persistent error 800B0100 was occurring. As I’ve found, bulldozing and starting over normally helps. This is the only method that would work for me.

System: Windows 7 x64 Professional

Step 1: Restart Windows in Safe Mode. Normally, mashing F8 during a restart should work.
Step 2: Move C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.backup
Step 3: Force your Windows Update.

This should resolve your problem. If not, feel free to comment as well as continue searching.

I hope this Linux guy can help a few of your Windows guys. 😉

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  1. Ryan C December 7, 2012

    That worked perfectly for me thank you very much!

  2. Rob December 7, 2012 — Post Author

    My pleasure Ryan! This had me banging my head off the desk for some time 🙂

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