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When cPanel’s easyapache is boffed on yum

This has only ever occurred on old CentOS 3.9 boxes for me:
This is the command that failed:

yum –exclude=kernel* -y install aspell aspell-devel automake19 gettext libpng-devel readline-devel openssl libpng-dev zlib-devel autoconf261 libidn-devel gmake libidn libXpm openssl-devel automake coreutils patch libstdc++-dev libltdl3-devel libltdl libopenssl0.9.7-static-devel readline-dev libtool-ltdl-devel sed libXpm-devel libXpm-dev lsof krb5-dev flex glibc-dev expat-dev krb5-devel pspell-devel xorg-x11-devel libtool-ltdl libssl-dev bzip2-devel pam-devel libopenssl0-devel zlib1-devel expat-devel pspell libopenssl0-dev expat glibc-devel gcc-c++ libstdc++ zlib bison libstdc++-devel libjpeg-devel libtool-libltdl-devel libtool openssl-dev libopenssl0 libz-devel bzip2-libs libjpeg-dev pam-dev fileutils libltdl-devel libopenssl0.9.7-devel e2fsprogs-devel make libX11-devel libstdc++-devel.x86_64 gd cpp xorg-x11-dev gcc ssl-dev lex autoconf

Do the following:

rpm -qa | grep aspell

Nuke that shit like so

rpm -e --nodeps

Damn, that sucked for a while.

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