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PostgreSQL and Control Panels

I’ve had the joy, and i use that term loosely, of integrating multiple versions of PostgreSQL into Plesk and cPanel. Since I was unable to find any reasonable information on the web regarding what works and what doesn’t, let me save you some time.

You can integrate Postgre versions 8.1 (default), 8.4, and 9.1.
You can integrate 8.1, 8.4, and 9.1. There is a caveat with version 9.1 though. Plesk allows the database to be managed, and one of their own scripts actually ensures that your version is not > 9.1. So as I was installing, I say ‘great’ because I was able to install 9.1, create databases, create database users, and poke around phppgadmin. I tried deleting a database and plesk complained that 9.1.6 is not a supported version.

Why no love for Postgre 9.2?
Because, at the time of writing this, phppgadmin doesn’t work with it.

Now, if you’re a command line commando and love postgre, you can definitely utilize any version you would like; however, you won’t have the handy tools your panel implements.

If anyone would like a write up on how to install the newer versions, holler.

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