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I Been Gone A Long Time

Yes, it should be I’ve. This is the title of a song by Every Time I Die, one of my favorite bands but I found it to be suiting.

So, this blog has been renamed, ignored, and forgotten by plenty. I’ve been on hiatus for quite awhile as far as blogging goes. I’ve made a lot of changes in my lifestyle and technical style since I began this blog. I’ve gone from a Chat technician, to a level 3 system administrator in Ohio to a Level 1 system administrator at a new company in Texas. These are simple titles anymore to me, as long as I can let my creative side come out, I don’t bother with titles.

I’ve been working on quite a bit lately. I managed to write an ever evolving ecommerce management system which is currently in use by one of my friends companies. I began with their ideas, attempted to implement open source solutions, and found that none of them suited my needs without heavy customization. All in all, it’s come out well. It still needs some tuning, but enough about that.

I’ve also began working on a commercial software which will allow small town and large car dealers to build a website with very little customization in order to keep things easy to manage. A few templates are currently in development, yada yada. I will put links up for this once I’ve completed it. Writing this will hopefully provide me with further motivation to move forward.

So… other than development, what’s up? Well, my college experience has changed a bit. I’ve moved to a strictly online based system so that I can take my classes at 5am or 1am if need be. Still getting a degree from a big 10 well known college is sure to have it’s benefits in the future. I’ve tuned my administration skills, still doing things abit different than the norm but getting things fixed none the less. I’m going to put this disclaimer here for everyone to see; having said that I haven’t been using this blog, some of the content is now obsolete. I will work on getting this updated so I can provide you with all of the awesome fixes I used to have. I will also say this, some of the methods I’ve used in the past might have been a bit wreckless. Some of the methods I use now are still a bit dangerous, but often times the best, if not the only, method to perform a fix.

I look forward to attracting more readers and I look forward to helping more people moving forward. Feel free to post comments if you have questions and I’ll either put a ‘how to’ up, or I’ll answer your questions in a post. As always, thanks for reading!

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