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How To: Change Boonex Dolphin Admin Password

sometimes people forget passwords. Even their admin passwords for the popular Boonex social networking platforms. If you need to change it, pop into your MySQL database containing the Boonex material and perform the following:

INSERT INTO `Admins` VALUES ( 'admin', md5('dolphin'));

Now your admin username is admin, and the password will be dolphin.


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  1. nolochemical June 15, 2010

    D7 uses a salt with sha1 now.. just found out 🙁

  2. Radar June 15, 2010 — Post Author

    The best thing you can do, so I’ve found is login to phpmyadmin and find your admin user in the users table and make sure the email is yours, then use the forgot password link from the front end of your site to have it send you a new password. It’s gotten me out of a jam on more than 1 occasion. 😉

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