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HostMantis Review

After having hosted with HostMantis for some time (6 months), it’s about time for a review.

At this point I’ve utilized their Expert plan which I caught for a deal some time ago. It was such a good deal that while I was hunting for a domain name, I decided to purchase hosting as well even though I had already had multiple other locations to tuck my sites away.

There isn’t a whole lot of ‘general’ information to provide; however, I will do my best.

    They run PHP 5.3
    They’re running CloudLinux (This is nice for a stable server)
    They offer cPanel
    My plan came with unlimited databases, emails addresses, add-on domains etc..
    The offer FFmpeg on their shared accounts (Most hosts do not due to the resource necessities)
    Fantastico and Softaculous autoinstallers (If one doesn’t have something, odds are the other does)
    Trendy Sitebuilder (better than some of the others which are offered)
    SingleHop Network (based in Chicago on a very beefy network)

These are all the basics and what you will find with most cPanel hosting companies. Now on the the pros and cons

  1. No downtime as of yet
  2. Good support. All tickets answered in an expected amount of time; <2 hours
  3. The use of CloudLinux on there machines ensures that I receive the resources I pay for
  4. Cheap
  5. Customer Communication. If there needs to be downtime, it’s announced or it’s in a publicly accessible location.


  1. They have limits
  2. 99.9% Network Uptime

So there’s the comparison. The pros greatly outweigh the cons. I do not experience slow downs, nor do I experience full outages unless announced. They even go so far as to notify you via email when there is downtime. Some might turn their nose up at the thought of going to a company which has limits; however, since I’ve been working in the industry, it’s nice to know that they still exist. Unlimited is rarely unlimited. What my hosting plan lacks in space (10G) it makes up for in uptime and stability. When running multiple websites that take up very little space and hosting mail offsite with google apps or only my own personal email, I would prefer the stability.

There most recent coupon codes via Twitter were the follow:
05141260OFFSHARED or 05141260OFFRESELLER

If you have had your own experience with HostMantis or have any questions, I welcome your comments as always.

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  1. Handoko July 9, 2012

    Good review. What you’re saying are truth. But if you pay more attention, you’ll know they do have some downtimes.

    I’ve been using HostMantis about 7 months. Everything seems okay, but since some weeks ago there are many short downtimes, it less than a minute but happened every several days.

    I never realized until my client complained that she frequently can’t access her website. So I try some free website uptime monitoring. The results show HostMantis uptime is around 97% – 99%. The worst is, it ever had 11 downtimes in a week.

    Although all the downtimes are very short, but if they don’t improve their stability I’ll move to other better webhost. So far, I have 3 websites on HostMantis. One is my customer’s online store, one is my personal blog and the other is my graphics tutorial website. Recently I’ve got a new customer again, so I don’t want my customers call me on the midnight and tell me that their websites are down.

    HostMantis is good for personal blogs/sites. But for commercial usage, you’ll need a more stable one. The pros are they do upgrade/install new features, recently they installed SEO tools on the cPanel. The prices are great, have discount coupon codes, many plans are available.

    HostMantis is good but not great, because of some short downtimes and their speed is just average. I’m using their Advanced shared hosting package.

  2. Admin July 10, 2012 — Post Author

    Thanks for your input! It looks like the plugin they may be using for SEO would be the Attracta plugin for cPanel. This can be very beneficial.
    If you’re experiencing issues with speed and short downtimes, check out the following post of mine: Speed up your site Pay special attention to the portion regarding CloudFlare. They’re technology can help reduce your short downtimes by caching versions of your website at their servers and also increase your speed by caching your site at 14 locations around the world. They also optimize code from your site as it’s served and provide an additional layer of security for your sites. I highly recommend them. Also, it’s a free service 😉

  3. matiscum September 1, 2013

    I’m sorry for the review to Hostmantis, but I was able to have hostmantis hosting for about 1+ years but sadly I was not satisfy on their hosting and customer support.

    10 = Very Satisfactory
    8 = Its a ” ” Satisfy
    5 = Unsatisfactory
    0 = Totally bad

    [B]Downtime[/B]= I would say its a 5/10

    [B]Cpu/Sql/bandwith/space/[/B] = 5/10

    [B]Customer Support[/B] = I would say its a 1/10

    [B]Knowledge Base on hosting[/B] = 6/10 its a “so so” knowledge

    [B]Pricing [/B]= 10/10 – Hope you are not deceive by it, or just try it yourself. apply for their hosting and make some review after a year. Hope we don’t have the same experience.

    [B]Total Package[/B] = 1/10

    If you have a server like them, then think twice. Or like I said try them first to experience.

    But Don’t Waste a Good/Great website to hostmantis. Your hardwork will just fly away out of the blue. Try a better one to have your ranking/PR/earnings be saved. If you have a family to feed then again think twice. Don’t waste a dime.

  4. Rob September 1, 2013 — Post Author

    I appreciate your input. I filter all of my posts on this blog for spam reasons but since this is honest input I went ahead and allowed it. I agree that the price is fantastic. Regarding the rest of your post, I’m sad to hear that you experienced these issues. I’ve worked for multiple of the most popular ‘budget’ webhosting companies, and I must say that this team, the hardware, and the technology they’re utilizing far surpasses that which I expect from budget webhosting companies. The downtime on my machine has only occurred during a migration which I was notified of, I peg the CPU nightly during cron jobs and I am aware of it, and the support has worked for me anytime I had to use them but I’m more than familiar with the software I use and the package I pay for. You can not expect top tier administrators to work at budget web hosting companies. I’ve come from them, and I am pretty slick in the field, second or third tier, i.e., the end of the line for most customers. I’m not sure that I have ever used their knowledge base, as google will answer the majority of the questions I have but I’m not a helpless web designer, seo pays my bills, or a ‘my first website’ kind of guy. (I’m not saying that you are any of those things matiscum)

    I administer *nix boxes and sling code for a living these days. I no longer work in hosting. I could use any of my existing ‘staff accounts’ at any one of the old companies, but I choose this company over them all. If you find your site is being hammered by thousands of users because you pimp it for clicks, this company may not be right for you. If you’re building you’re first website and aren’t really sure what linux, cpanel, or webhosting is, they may not be for you. Consider that my disclaimer. I would choose them over my previous companies which are very, very prominent in the industry. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose that information due to non disclosure agreements, etc…

    Again, I sincerely thank you for the post matiscum and I’m sorry your experienced what you did. Good luck moving forward and thanks for reading/responding. It has also provided me with an outlet to express my opinion on the company further. Also, adding your numbers and working out an average, it looks like the total package would be a 5.4 🙂 Not a scathing review for any budget host.

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