Here’s a list of ‘cool toys’ that I’ve found. Here I’ll add neat tools and software that aren’t necessarily associated with system administration.

Dood’s Music Streamer
I am a huge fan of GrooveShark. It’s a free service which allows you to listen to just about any music you want and save playlists. While at work, it’s nice to have. When you’re in your car, GrooveShark wants you to pay for premium service for streaming through your cell phone. I’ve found the above app that allows you to listen to and create playlists.
The bad: Cannot login to existing account and import playlists.

Astraweb Usenet
The first rule of Usenet is…
If you’re looking for an excellent provider, I highly recommend Astraweb. I’ve been with them for a quite some time and they are an excellent provider. Click the banner to find out more: