This is not meant to be a python ‘cheatsheet’ but rather a collection of useful tools in python. These will not be as important to python developers as it will be for system administrators who like to utilize python for automating administration.

Plotting Graphs
matplotlib is a very unique tool that is relatively easy to use. The speed on the tool is questionable, but this is still a valuable tool to hold in your arsenal. Some write ups will follow soon on this.

Commands or Subprocess
As sad as it is to see commands go in later versions of Python, 2.6+, subprocess is very powerful. As a linux admin, commands saves time instead of ripping your hair out to grep/sed/awk information in files. Also, it helps with grabbing system information real time.

os OS dependent functionality.
Regular Expressions::re Will be necessary more times than not. You may want to checkout the O’reilly booke Mastering Regular Expressions (1st edition).

More to come 🙂