2002 RSX Type S
154,xxx miles
Desert Silver Metallic
Titanium Interior

Daily driven. I purchased this car as a daily driver. This is a 10 ft car. Looks pretty good cruising and from a distance.

I’ve written this to be as honest as possible as I wasn’t told a whole lot of the history on the car. I also got the car with an non transferable title, because the owner had it signed over, but didn’t have a salvage ID on the back of the title. I had to put a fair amount of money into that to get it handled, but it’s good to go.

Title: Blue Bonded/Rebuilt in my name. The title is able to be transferred.

Condition when purchased:
The car came to me in somewhat rough shape. The battery was relocated to the hatch and was held in with straps. The battery was also sizzling. Some body panels were out of alignment. It had red carpeting. It had check engine lights on. Broken sway bar links in the front. It had a ripped intake tube. It was missing the front crash bar. Overall, drivable but not ideal for street use. Would not have passed inspection either. It had hazy projector headlights with HIDs duck taped in.

The goods:

  • No check engine light.
  • AC Blows Cold
  • Brand new O2 sensor
  • Brand new TPS sensor
  • Brand new Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • Lightweight Battery equivalent. Relocated to trunk in custom enclosure. Sealed AGM, 18 month warranty beginning July 2016. Car starts a little slow with it, but that’s expected with this battery.
  • New intake tube (filter should be replaced soon)
  • Inspection is good through December 2016
  • The engine runs well.
  • Starts every time.
  • Fresh oil change, 5w30 w/ wix filter (05/15/2016)
  • 2 brand new tires with 40k mile warranty. (05/17/2016)
  • Drilled and Slotted rotors in front
  • Eibach springs
  • Brand new Moog front sway bar end links with zerk fittings so that they can be greased.
  • A Spec Spoiler
  • A Spec Lip Kit
  • Brand new black housing headlights
  • Brand new yellow foglights
  • Crash bar added
  • No Cat and no CEL. If you want details, I’ll be glad to share.
  • OEM exhaust, sounds pretty good considering no cat.
  • Adjustable rear camber kit. I haven’t adjusted this since buying the car, but I may dial some negative camber out short.
    I took around 2 degrees out on each side and it rides much better.
  • 200 HP K20A2
  • 6 Disk in dash CD changer with Bose audio & factory subwoofer
  • VTEC engages fine. (I’ve only had it in VTEC probably 5 times since I’ve owned it, and one of those was during the test drive before I bought the car)
  • Tapped for Turbo. (Wasn’t turbo’d when I bought it, and I was told that it was never turbo’d, just prepped; however, I would take that with a grain of salt)
  • Short header, believe it’s DC.
  • Carpet is in great condition under floor mats. It does include the OEM Type S floormats.
  • Privacy cover in the rear, and a rubber cargo mat.
  • Includes a hood bra. Removed for pictures.

The bads:

  • The interior smells like cherries. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I found numerous air fresheners in the car while pulling the red material out, but there has to be one hidden somewhere. I’ve used coffee pods to try to pull the scent out, but it’s only helped a little. Not unbearable and you might like it.
  • Small oil leak. Loses about 1/2 quart every 3000 miles.
  • Steering wheel leather was torn, so I wrapped it with paracord.
  • Suspension needs to be freshened up to your liking. Shakes at 60-70, and the shocks are about done.
  • The body is rough, but not terrible. Has a few zip ties, but nothing like drift cars. The front driver side was in the accident, but this can likely be pulled out with a come along. I think this would solve 100% of the front end body alignment issues, and it should be easy to do. Hood sits a little high, and has a crease on driver side.
  • Power Steering whine. This is kind of annoying, but can probably be remedied with a fluid flush.
  • Driver seat has the standard tears. Very common in these cars. You may want seat covers or racing seats.
  • Holes drilled in the pillar plastics for gauges.
  • SRS & ABS lights on. I believe the ABS may be a wire to a rear sensor that rubbed through.