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Ogio Bandit II Backpack Review

I purchased my backpack in the the Celebrity schema.
Ogio Bandit 2 Celebrity

This backpack is very high quality and amongst the best I’ve owned. The sack is very comfortable due to all of the padding in the shoulders and the backside. Things I really like:

  • Sunglass Holder
  • Fleece lined in laptop portion and other places which hold valuables
  • Sternum strap
  • More pockets than I know what to do with
  • 1729 cubic inches!
  • Dedicated laptop storage
  • Things I don’t like:

  • Shoulder straps don’t seem to stay adjusted when putting on or taking off
  • Zippers are touch, but maybe too tough
  • Pair of Spy Logan sunglasses are difficult to maneuver into or out of the sunglasses pouch.
  • So, day to day, what do I keep in this backpack? Books; usually a full size textbook or two and a paperback size book. Sunglasses, Spy Logans. Macbook Air 13 inch, though you could practically fit a desktop in the laptop sleeve. (ok, maybe a 17 inch laptop) Digital camera, because there’s a spot for it. Bamboo tablet, because I don’t have a tablet. MagicWand scanner, never hurts just in case. Multiple USB cables, just in case. Lighter, because not having one sucks. Kershaw Clash knife, because not having one sucks. An extra shirt, just in case. A mini led flashlight; hanging from the key ring holder in the front pocket. A stylus and pens/pencils in their respective holders in the front pocket. Finally, until I get more stuff to put in it, an iWork quick change driver set. (OTI-1508) It’s not high quality, but it works and it was free with some Newegg order.

    If you’re considering this bag, I’d recommend it. When I throw it on, I adjust my shoulder straps and scoot about my day. How’s a white backpack hold up to day to day activity? Good. I don’t have any stains or marks on it and I do not baby it; though my day to day activity is rather slow. Put backpack on, throw in car. Pull out of car, put on. (adjust straps) Walk in to work, throw on floor. Leave work, (adjust straps) throw into car. Pull out of car, (adjust straps) throw on to floor.

    If you have any questions about the bag, go ahead and post in the comments and I’ll respond ASAP. Enjoy!

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    1. Joidas June 5, 2013

      is this backpack waterproof? in case of rain…
      TIA Wojtek

    2. Rob June 5, 2013 — Post Author

      No it isn’t.

    3. joidas June 6, 2013


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