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cPanel’s READ Files

These are files that store the information read and used by WHM (as of 11.23.6)

* IP addresses: /etc/ips
* Reserved IPs: /etc/reservedips
* Reserved IP reasons: /etc/reservedipreasons
* IP address pool: /etc/ipaddrpool
* Access hash (WHM remote access key): /home/user/.accesshash or /root/.accesshash
* cPanel update preferences: /etc/cpupdate.conf
* Basic cPanel/WHM setup: /etc/wwwacct.conf
* System mail preferences: /etc/localaliases
* Exim open relay list: /etc/alwaysrelay
* Server-wide max emails per hour: /var/cpanel/maxemailsperhour
* Tweak settings: /var/cpanel/cpanel.config
* Packages: /var/cpanel/packages/
* Features: /var/cpanel/features/
* User data: /var/cpanel/users/ and /var/cpanel/userdata
* Apache templates: /var/cpanel/templates/apache(1,2)
* Exim config template: /etc/exim.conf.localopts
* Exim mail IPs: /etc/mailips
* rDNS for mail ips: /etc/mail_reverse_dns
* Clustering: /var/cpanel/cluster/root/config
* Service manager: /etc/chkserv.d
* Users and their domains: /etc/userdomains
* Users and their main domains: /etc/trueuserdomains
* Users and their owners: /etc/trueuserowners
* Main cPanel IP: /var/cpanel/mainip
* cPanel version: /usr/local/cpanel/version
* Resellers: /var/cpanel/resellers
* Reseller nameservers: /var/cpanel/resellers-nameservers

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