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cPanel Automatically Redirects to defaultwebpage.cgi

Hello All,
When I originally wrote this, there had been an issue with the version of cPanel released. When I see people are still viewing this I believe that I should update this post.

Common issues that can cause this include IP address mismatches and missing VirtualHost entries. On to fixes:

    First, check what IP your domain is resolving to here: LeafDNS
    Next, from command line run /scripts/uf This is going to provide you with the VirtualHost entry for the domain. Pay attention and ensure that the IP address listed here matches the results from the bottom of your leafdns report.
    Update the IP address at the registrar if that’s where you are hosting your DNS or if you’re running the DNS zones on your server, update the domains IP address from within cPanel to match the VirtualHost entry.

Normally, this is caused by the mismatched IP. Once you’ve fixed the IP address, check the site through a proxy such as

Below should be archived as it was fixed
with update comes woe. cPanel has set their release to version 11.25. Some sites will have problems with this where when going to the domain it will say something along the lines of unable to load template file or will just redirect you to /cgi-bin/defaultwebpage.cgi sometimes tossing a 404
cPanel says to do this:

1.) New builds, 11.25.0-CURRENT_42400 and 11.25.0-RELEASE_42400, have been published to address the issue. This issue will not be present on subsequent new installations. Upgrading a currently affected system will resolve this issue.

2.) Rebuilding the Apache configuration after the addition of the first account will permanently resolve this issue.

From the command line:


/scripts/autorepair userdir_enable_fix

From the WHM:
Service Configuration -> Apache Configuration -> Global Configuration ->
Save -> Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache

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  1. Margrett Henricksen January 25, 2010

    finally i find something that i want to know..

  2. zeshan March 28, 2010

    Thank you for posting this. God bless you.

  3. Pankaj October 24, 2012

    Hi, I have a similar sort of problem, its the domain on shared hosting environment that is redirecting to the default cgi page, all other domain are working fine. I am using latest Cpanel version. Can you please help. thx….

  4. Admin October 24, 2012 — Post Author

    This usually happens because the IP address setup on the server, usually the IP in the Apache configuration or the DNS zone, are not matching. I’d recommend checking with LeafDNS and seeing what errors exist there. Then make sure the domain is properly configured on the cPanel server. If you do not have root access, you can check the DNS zones within cPanel. Unfortunately, your host would need to check them in the Apache configuration and make further recommendations.

    You can find the cPanel documentation for the DNS editors here and here

    Note that the defaultwebpage.cgi can also be very ‘sticky’ in browser history so you may wish to clear this. In addition, you can check through proxy’s to ensure it’s working such as and

    I hope this helps!

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