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Cheapest VPS I’ve Found in 2012

After perusing the web and catching some word of mouth from other insiders I’ve managed to find what I believe is the cheapest VPS on the net for it’s resources.
50Gb disk
500Gb bandwidth
1 IP (eh… use third part dns or invest in additional IPs at $2 a pop)

$7. Yes. Seven dollars. I’m unsure how long this will last, likely through March 2012

This is where you get it.

Choose the enterprise VPS and use promo code 2048.
From the reviews I’ve found, they’re pretty good and if you mention a coupon code ‘cpanel’ you may be able to steal a cPanel license for $5.

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  1. donny March 10, 2017

    I dont believe cheap is better.
    since this is as old as 2012, I would update it a little by letting you know of my VPS provider . been using them for 1 year and no issues and plans start from 8.99 USD.

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